Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 7.

Day 7: Monday, February 27

Workout: Phase one CARDIO!!

I love the cardio! I love the cardio! I love the cardio! I know, I know. I say that every time. But I really do. It goes by so fast and I sweat like a pig during it. (Aren't you glad you know that? :))

The plan for today is to workout with Jillian at 10 am. Then tonight while I'm teaching, I'm pledging to do some sort of ab work in all seven classes I teach. Some sit ups, a plank, some roll ups...whatever, I'm going to do it in every class. I'd also like to get in a Pilates workout but we'll see how I'm feeling after work. It's Monday, another long day.

Update later!

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