Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 2.

Day 2. Wednesday, Feb 22.

Oh. my. gosh. My thighs are on fire.

No lie.

I thought yesterday's workout was a good start. Then I woke up this morning. If you would have asked me to name the part of my body I thought was in pretty decent shape, leg would have been the answer hands down. I'm obviously completely wrong because I can barely walk today. (haha) My legs did loosen up as I walked through out the day and taught a bunch of classes.

Workout 2: Back of body, abs, a couple cardio circuts.

This workout was harder than the first for me. Lots of ab work, and abs are my biggest problem area. My abs are absolutely destroyed after my c-sections. There are parts of my stomach that I can't feel at all and I have zero muscle tone. I admit it, I accept it, I'm changing it.

At the start of this one, my legs were seriously on fire with pain from yesterday's workout. But as I pushed through it and did it. My legs felt better after, as crazy as that is. I really liked the carido circuts in this one. They were fun, the minute each time flew by. I think I liked this workout better than the first. We'll see though! :)

I drank all my water today and stuck to my one coffee, one Diet Coke. I had a diet green tea, but that doesn't count because there's nothing bad in it. :)

I'm kind of exhausted. Really exhausted, actually. That's good! Good sleep will come tonight.


  1. Oh my gosh!!! My abs suuuuck. Two babies in two years definitely kills the stomach! I hate planks so much because it's all shoulders and abs and those are the two weakest parts of my body. Hard ab workouts still make me want to cry but I'm starting to see some changes!

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