Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 5.

Day 5: Saturday, February 25.

Workout: Phase 1, Workout 2.

I'm not feeling it today. I'm worn out, every muscle in my body is tired. My mind is racing. I had a bad food evening yesterday. Just the evening, the rest of the day was good. Today's eating has been much better, but still. I'm just having an off day! Blah.


I did my work out! I put a lot of my frustration and anger in to my workout tonight and I'm prettttty sure it's my best workout so far on this program. Actually, I know it is. :) I was sweating, my muscles were screaming and the time flew by. I did all the ab workouts the whole way through. Didn't have to stop once! That's huge progress for me and my flabs abs. My foot didn't hurt once this workout, even during the cardio intervals. I'm hopeful that tomorrow I can make it through all the exercises in the cardio workout tomorrow.

I'm going to add in some yoga/Pilates work next week. I love the way pilates makes my muscles look long and lean. I think I could use the quiet time that those types of workouts provide as well. Quiet my mind, quiet my thoughts. I'll dig out my Pilates dvds this weekend.

I also ordered a Pure Barre DVD that came in last week! I'm going to try that out sometime next week. Yes, I'll be working out twice a day. I can do it, I'm tough. Remember?

I'm contemplating getting a smoothie maker. I have a blender but it's not very good. I'm having a hard time forcing myself to eat breakfast, I just don't like food in the mornings. Weird, yes, I know. (haha) Obviously, I want to get a healthy start to my day. I think Green Monsters would be an excellent way to get dairy, veggies, fruit, protein, all the good stuff first thing in the am. Now I just need to rationalize it with my no frivolous spending goal. ;)

Back tomorrow for day 6! CARDIO DAY!!!

5 days down, 85 to go!

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