Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 3.

Day 3: Thursday, Feb 23.

Workout for today is...CARDIO!! I'm excited!

I'll be honest, I'm writing this post on the morning of Day 4. I was super cranky when I got home from teaching last night, worn out and not a happy camper. But. In an effort to prove to my husband (and myself!) that I'm serious about losing this awful fat this time...I did it. I put the video in, I worked as hard as my exhausted and sore body could manage. Was it my absolute best work out ever? Probably not. On the other hand, I surprised myself with how hard I worked and how the motivation to push came once I began the workout.

Also, FYI, I stare at Natalie on each video the entire time. I. Want. Her. Body. And I won't quit until I get there. Although she's got long legs and is tall...I'm short and stumpy but that's okay. :)

I had to adapt a couple moves last night because of an old dance injury in my right foot. In high school, I tore a bunch of ligaments away from my metatarsals and have residual pain. The only thing I really had to opt out of entirely were the suicides. I did the first half of the first set then switched to the run arounds from the first video. I figured it kept my heart rate about the same level. I plan to do a few more each time until I can do them ALL. My foot usually feels better each time I do an exercise, but I have to ease in to it. And let's face it, I can't work out period if I am in a cast and on crutches and that's what happens if I push too hard!

I'm finding the water/diet coke/coffee ultimatum much easier than I anticipated. I did have a headache yesterday but nothing major. I haven't had any coffee at all today and I probably won't! Even if we go out to dinner tonight, I won't have coffee. I will have water with lemon!

I picked up my first book in my pledge to read 7 new books. LA Candy by Lauren Conrad. I know, not exactly substantial life changing reading material, but that's okay. I need a little fluff right now, I've got a lot going on.

Now I'll leave you with my favorite quote from the series so far...
"If you have a WHY you can handle any HOW." 
-Jillian Michaels


3 days down, 87 to go!

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